Mail Systems Management Consultants (MSM) is a unique full-service management consulting firm specializing in the mailing/printing industry and services commercial service providers and corporate and organization service operations

MSM provides management and operations consulting for general business improvement, process improvement, cost reduction, growth support and problem solving for Mailers, Printers, Fulfillment and Business Mail Center Operations.

 Services include:

 Assessments and Planning   

  • Business and operations assessments (checkup)
  • Mail center / mail services / fulfillment / printing assessments (checkup)
  • Transactional print and mail operations assessments
  • Outsourcing management performance and contract evaluation
  • Outsourcing RFP and contract process management support
  • Business strategic planning for growth and profit improvement
  • Marketing strategic planning and implementation
  • Disaster recovery planning and support
  • Security and safety assessments

Operations Problem Resolutions

  • Management and performance optimization
  • Labor analysis, validation and personnel development
  • Productivity improvements and standards of performance
  • Production layout design improvements
  • Quality and process / workflow improvements
  • Equipment recommendations and ROI justification
  • Warehouse and inventory management improvements

Other Areas

  • General business or operations problem solving
  • Integration, startups, mergers and consolidations
  • Project management, execution and implementations
  • Postage savings optimization
  • Postal Service issues and relationship resolutions
  • User guides and procedure documentation preparation
  • RFP preparation and process management
  • RFP response support
  • Training programs
  • Speaking engagements
  • Community of knowledge program

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